2012 Conference on Health and Humanitarian Logistics

Creating Sustainable Supply Systems for Delivering Humanitarian Assistance

Miguel Angel Jaller Martelo

A Sketch Planning Model for Points of Distribution Location in Large Urban Disasters

This poster shows an approximate mathematical formulation proposed as a sketch planning tool to estimate the number of points of distribution (PODs), their capacities, and the frequency of distribution strategy required for large urban disasters. The formulation is designed to require a minimum set of inputs so that it could be used to rapidly get an idea about a quasi-optimal configuration of the POD network. The quasi-optimal configuration is obtained as the one that minimizes the total social costs defined as the summation of the cost of: (i) locating the PODs, (ii) manning the servers at the PODs, (iii) transporting supplies to the PODs, (iv) walking to the PODs, (v) waiting times at the POD, and (vi) risk and inventory costs associated with the distribution strategy. The formulation takes into account the impacts on human suffering through the consideration of the costs of walking, waiting, and security risks. In addition, the poster shows the results from a number of numerical experiments that provide important insights for POD planning.

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